Lady Jane’s Salon Raleigh

Last night, I attended the Raleigh/Durham branch of the Lady Jane’s Salon to hear readings by three fabulous authors: Becky Moore, who read from Guardian Angel; Marcia Colette, who read from Hazardous Environment; and Catherine Gayle, who read from Twice a Rake. I really enjoyed hearing books read aloud–what a great opportunity to hear how writing sounds in the writer’s own voice? (and how do you punctuate that… ) So cool to hear what the writer expected the sentences to sound like. Very nice!

And Marcia’s karaoke wasn’t so bad, either. Give that girl a mic. Be afraid.

The salon is held in a nice little pub–we met in a separate room. Great pub fare (I had fish and chips). Hey, pints were $4. Too bad I was driving. Next time, I plan to arrange a ride so I can have a pint.

I met lots of awesome peeps! Valerie! Becky! Dominique! Marcia! Mari!

I hope these types of readings spread–and I hope, as authors, if you get the chance to do a reading–you will! It really is an amazing way for the reader to look inside your book.

Becky Moore, reading from GUARDIAN ANGEL

The next Lady Jane’s Salon will be February 29th! I hope some of you can make it! (I will be at Hermit Week…) Click on the postcard to link to the Lady Jane’s site:

Mark your calendars…

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Pitches will be accepted for any length, any heat level, and any age range.

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Guest Post: Sheila Stewart

Please welcome Sheila Stewart to my blog today.

She’s talking about something dear to my heart in writing–music.

How about you? Do you have a playlist on when you write?

How to Create a Demon with Music

Once and a while a song comes along that just captivates you. It can have a pull on you that is so strong that you can’t get it out of your head. You’ll hum it to yourself, tap the tune on your fingers, and curse it when it won’t stop playing in your mind. Music plays a big part in movies, television and in books. A complete story can be written from one simple line in a song. Or, the tune of a song can play a major part into creating a story. What would a movie be like without music? Would Grease have been as successful without the music? Take the music out of Footloose and what do you have? A story about a rebel in a small town. Kevin Bacon wouldn’t encourage the kids to rebel against the law that states no rock music. He wouldn’t have the famous scene where he dances his frustrations away in the warehouse.  Dirty Dancing is another one.  Without the music, its nothing. Anyone who watches Glee watches it not just for the story and humour but the music. If that music wasn’t there it would be…well less entertaining. Even non-musicals have killer music. Iron Man the movie has Ozzy Osborne song, Iron Man in it.

I could go on forever, but you get the point. Music plays a big part in our lives. Music has a big part in my creative process. I can’t have silence when I’m writing. I need music and mostly rocking dance style music. It has to have a good pumping beat to get me in the mood. That being said there was one book, or series rather, where music helped with the creation of my demons. I went through the vast supply of CD’s that I have looking for something to listen to while I wrote Awaken the Demon and nothing really caught my attention. I played a few and ended up giving up. During a shopping trip, I decided to pop into the music area and as I glanced through the Dance section, an album caught my eye. I picked it up and began reading the titles. None of the songs jumped out at me as being familiar yet something pulled at me to buy it. I tool it home, popped it in the CD player and sat down to write.

From the very moment the music started I was enthralled. And my characters came to life. That album is M.C. Mario Mixdown 2002. One particular song popped and before I knew it, the song became the Heroes theme.  O Fortuna By Nick Skitz. The origins of the song comes from a medieval Latin Golairdic poem written in the thirteenth century and is part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana.  It is a complaint about Fate, and Fortuna, a Goddess in Roman Mythology and a personification of luck. The poem was used in 1935/36 by German composer Carl Orff and set to music. Orff’s music became immensely popular and can be heard in several movies and television commercials and has become a staple in popular culture, setting the mood for dramatic or cataclysmic situations. Nick Spitz has taken this classic and blended it with a dance theme which has become very popular in the clubs across the world.  Of course, when I first picked out the album and listened to it for the first time I had no idea of its origins. But because of how captivating it was for me, I felt compelled to research the song. The things we learn. M.C. Mario’s Mixdown 2002 has become a staple for me when sitting to create the demon series. I listened to it while writing all three books, Awaken the Demon, Offer the Demon and the last, Conquer the Demon. Now, whenever I hear the music on the radio or on any digital music channel I instantly think of my Demon series.

Awaken the Demon available at Decadent Publishing:

Offer the Demon now available at Decadent Publishing:

Music courtesy of M.C. Mario Mixdown 2002.

Writer’s Weekend, not so much…

So when is a Monday better than the weekend it follows? Not very often. Today is one of those rare days. I’ll take it.

Friday, I packed my bag, my laptop and netbook, both Nooks, and headed to the Outer Banks. I arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon and checked in to the quaint little inn and dropped my stuff in the room and walked down to the beach. The dunes are tall in this part of the NC beaches, and the waves are pretty calm. Lots of evidence of recent hurricanes and flooding is still strewn along the edges of the walkways.

The hotel was small, cozy even. It provided (from 2pm until 9pm) free fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, fruit, freshly popped popcorn and hot cider. Free hot coffee and tea 24/7. And a free breakfast! Clearly, winter is the time to go to the OBX! I wrote a little while, propping open the door to my room so I could listen to the surf. Then I napped. Then I checked email, fb, etc. (hey, I’ll admit it). Talked to the family.

Late Saturday night, I crashed. I woke up in time to see the sun rise– I had left the curtain open so I could see it (I knew it would wake me up). SO pretty. I enjoyed the hotel’s free breakfast. They had a small fire in the fireplace and it was rather toasty. YAWN. I wrote a little while, then took a nap. When I woke up, I felt like I had been hit over the head with an anvil. repeatedly. Now, I had a cold, but this was like a mega cold x 10. UGH. I took meds and tried to rest. Eventually, it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be thinking or writing anything while feeling so poorly–so I packed my stuff and went home. UGH. Not a fun end to the weekend, but at least I did get some writing done. And at least I slept in yesterday instead of having to drive back from the OBX. Today, on this cold rainy Monday, I am MUCH better. 🙂

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Check out this fun read (and don’t you think this cover is pretty amazing? I love the colors…) about an anxious romance writer and a publicist who takes her to… a writer’s conference????  sounds like a fun set up to me…

Painted Jezebel 

A Jezebel Jinx Mystery 

by Jolie Pethtel

Publicist Finn Mackenzie has always been lucky, until an ill-fated affair with a vindictive writer leaves him once chance for redemption, a spectacular public appearance by the elusive best-selling romance auhor, Jezebel Jinx.

Unfortunately the cute but kooky writer refuses to cooperate. Jezebel believes she’s cursed with bad luck. Riddled with anxieties, she never leaves her home–until the gorgeous, albeit desperate Finn whisks her away to a writer’s conference against her will.

After the initial shock wears off, Jezebel’s dormant hormones kick into high gear around the hunky Finn–who’s recently sworn off the horizontal tango with writers.

When his ex turns up murdered and Jezebel is the prime suspect, ill planned sexcapades are the least of their worries.


To buy the book at MuseitUp Publishing, click the book cover above…


Author Bio

Jolie Pethtel was born in Ohio, but raised in Arizona, where she met her husband Jim. Jolie has since moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she lives with her husband and their six rambunctious children. Jolie is a Domestic Goddess by day and Writer by night.

writer weekend

I got so little writing done over the holidays. bah. I thought a lot about my 2 major WIPs and I did a good bit of research and I am itching to write–but I just didn’t get it done. BAD ME! I am seriously looking forward to next weekend. I have booked a hotel in Kill Devil Hills NC (just a couple of hours away), on the beach (the cold, desolate beach) and I am heading up alone to spend the weekend writing. I am so excited! I’ve not done anything like this before, but I think it will be great to “get away” and focus on just writing. I booked a hotel with free internet and free breakfast. The rates are unbelievably cheap right now, too. I am a mile away from the Wright Brothers Memorial and anyone who knows NC beaches knows how natural they are–not touristy at all. I am hoping that the trip is just what I need to get back into the swing of things. Yay!