Hurry up, already!

I’ve been trying to get organized. Yeah, it is a constant struggle. I’m always trying. Something about the new year closing in makes me feel like I am ready to reset, start over, etc. 

I have my writing/blogging word count spreadsheet in usable condition. I am stoked to know that I can start monitoring exactly how many words go on the page. And how many don’t. 

My desk is almost clear. I sanitize it weekly, but since Christmas, it has gotten a bit piled up. It’s on my list today. 

My sewing counters are almost clear. I sorted and put away lots and lots of fabric. I even reorganized some shelving so I can sew more efficiently. yay!

I got a new storage ottoman for my office. Woot. It is super nice, and I have been pondering what I will store inside. Maybe my 16 year old…

My art supplies and such are pretty well organized. If you don’t count the huge walk-in closet that I refuse to look in because there is so much mess. Probably a zillion dollars in supplies, too. Ugh. I am pretending that when that door is closed, that closet does not exist in this plane. 

I figure I have today and tomorrow to finish up. I love heading into a New Year. I wish I could get as excited with the beginning of each month!

Happy New Year to you all! 


Christmas Wishes Blog Hop


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I wanted to share a little history about the Christmas tree. There are some really interesting traditions associated with evergreens. I think I’ll let my 1Night Stand heroes explain:

First up is Darius, from Senator, Mine  (set in Ancient Rome):

We celebrate winter solstice here in Rome. Lots of feasting, dancing, and general partying. We call the holiday Saturnalia and we even give gifts like coins, lamps, and baked sweets! We also decorate our houses with greens, and we use lots of lamps to symbolize coming out of the darkness.

Next, Carrick, from Druid, Mine (set in Ireland during the later times of Druids):

We also celebrate the winter solstice with rituals and dancing. Fire is a symbol of life to us, and we use it in most of our rituals, along with herbs and trees. We especially like to use mistletoe and holly this time of year. In our homes, we bind evergreen branches above the doorways to protect us from spirits.

Lastly, here is Seti, from Pharaoh, Mine (set in Ancient Egypt):

You might be surprised to learn that we Egyptians had a similar culture of using evergreens at winter solstice. Though we don’t have the traditional pines, we use green date palm boughs in our homes. These fresh green branches symbolize life to us.

You can click any of the thumbnails below to read the blurbs and/or buy these books.

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For my giveaway, I will offer a $20 Amazon gift certificate to a random person who answers this question: What is your favorite Christmas decoration? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then what is your favorite holiday decoration?   *Please* leave your email address so I can contact you!

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