Blog move.

As much as I hate to have had to do it, I have moved my blog and website. Sigh. What a pain! I am very hopeful that being here at will be a much more enjoyable experience than (shall remain nameless place) where I (endured months of torture) hosted my website recently.  All my previous content is lost, but I hope that my followers will find their way here eventually.

I already love the widgets here where I can share Facebook and Twitter stuff that I have envied on my author friends’ pages and I really like that I can showcase some pretty covers and even some great trailers (once I figure out how to do so…).

Apologies to those who just hopped through to my blog on the Christmas “Stuff your Stockings” blog hop–I am assured that you can still find me here, though I have lost all your lovely comments, sigh. 😦  I will make it up to you when we do the Valentine’s hop, so stick with me!


Kerry Adrienne