Hurry up, already!

I’ve been trying to get organized. Yeah, it is a constant struggle. I’m always trying. Something about the new year closing in makes me feel like I am ready to reset, start over, etc. 

I have my writing/blogging word count spreadsheet in usable condition. I am stoked to know that I can start monitoring exactly how many words go on the page. And how many don’t. 

My desk is almost clear. I sanitize it weekly, but since Christmas, it has gotten a bit piled up. It’s on my list today. 

My sewing counters are almost clear. I sorted and put away lots and lots of fabric. I even reorganized some shelving so I can sew more efficiently. yay!

I got a new storage ottoman for my office. Woot. It is super nice, and I have been pondering what I will store inside. Maybe my 16 year old…

My art supplies and such are pretty well organized. If you don’t count the huge walk-in closet that I refuse to look in because there is so much mess. Probably a zillion dollars in supplies, too. Ugh. I am pretending that when that door is closed, that closet does not exist in this plane. 

I figure I have today and tomorrow to finish up. I love heading into a New Year. I wish I could get as excited with the beginning of each month!

Happy New Year to you all!