I finished another manuscript last night. Just the draft. Still, it feels great. To celebrate, I made chocolate fondue for the family. Strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, and graham crackers. YUM. 

Today, I have to dig into the edits. I like this part of the process–revising and editing. The detail work is fun. Now that the story is laid out, I can polish and add details, and cut crap. Hopefully, this manuscript won’t be full of crap when I read it. LOL

Have a great Sunday!



Pharaoh, Mine sold to Decadent!

Yay! That 1NS Stand project I was talking about in my last blog post? I finally finished editing it (worked really hard to clean it up!) and sent it in. This morning, I woke up to the kind of email we all like to get–a contract!  woot!  I am so excited! I love where the story went on its own. I had a basic plot idea, had researched the history and all, but when I wrote it–it went somewhere else. Don’t you love it when a story goes somewhere better than planned?

Anyway, happy dancing all day–and now time to get back to work. 🙂



I finished my short novella this weekend–it’s another one destined for submission to Decadent’s 1NS line. I love that line! It is so much fun to have a set of circumstances, then be turned free to write within a few parameters. I’ve read a bunch of the titles, and I have enjoyed them. Lots of diversity in the line–from contemporary, to paranormal, to sfr.

I’m in editing mode now–following some great advice from my editors at Decadent Publishing. I am a master of redundancy, but I shall conquer that demon! Nothing like highlighting your own manuscript and seeing just how many times you used the word “pushed” or <insert word here>.

As soon as I send this one off (in the next two days, I hope), I will get back to work on the two novels I have in progress. I am excited about working on both of them!

Happy Monday!


I have been so busy the last few weeks (months), that I did not realize that my kids’ spring break started today. How sad is that? They have no school today through April 9th. Bad mommy! College daughter also turns eighteen next week. Yes, I almost missed it all. I also discovered last week that the weather had changed. I went outside and saw that the trees had bloomed–last time I noticed, the weather was cold and everything was bare.

Apparently, since Hermit Week, I have been in my office too much–only dashing out to do necessary things like take kids to school and pick up groceries and takeout. I know that when I am driving, I am thinking about all the things I have to catch up on–making lists in my mind, and writing them down at stop lights. At night, I wake a zillion times–grab my tablet or laptop and work, or just lie in bed and wait on time to get up…to work.

Does this sound like a problem? I think it likely is. Yesterday, I decided to go get a massage. “Twas fabulous. I actually got back (briefly) to the place I was at Hermit Week–A place where I had a moment of no thought. After the massage, I bought a six-month membership of massages. I think I need it. I have to start relaxing a bit. Today…as soon as I finish typing this post, actually, I am going to go get a facial. Wish me luck on relaxing. I hope your day is peaceful, too.

I’d love to hear your techniques for NOT letting work rule your life…